The Mountain View Alliance

Environmental Control

Who we are?

Encourage and promote open specifications based Carrier Grade Base Platforms.

Enable and encourage a rich ecosystem of COTS and FOSS building blocks for CGBPs, which is characterized by fast time to market, innovative solutions, multiple vendors in each area.

Why does MVA matter?

The founders of SCOPE believe that in certain areas of the Service Provider Network it is both possible and beneficial to leverage soil building blocks rather than to develop and manufacture these components on their own.

Leveraging COTS/FOSS building blocks enables NEPs to focus their resources on providing their customers with best in breed solutions, systems, applications and services.

Enabling and promoting a successful CGBP ecosystem SCOPE founders can better serve their customers by accelerating the availability of innovative new products and solutions -

What do we do?

Create a MVA Reference Architecture.

Publish a Technical Position Paper around this

Create, publish and promote profiles of existing Carrier Grade Base Platformcomponent standards, open specifications and component standards, open specifications and free open source softwarefree open source software which match to NEPs’ carrier grade requirements.

Identify, prioritize and publish gaps in these specifications.

Publish MVA’s views regarding the priority for implementing hardware and soil components best suited to carrier grade application.

What we don’t do?

MVA will not create any specifications, nor extend existing ones.

MVA will not create any new IPRs

MVA will not deal with the implementation of common platform components and not create any brand.